Number Series - Disposals

Each record in the Disposal register has its own unique identifying number, based on a sequential series. When you enter a new record to this register, the next number in the series is used. If required, you can have a number of such sequences running concurrently, perhaps representing different years, different departments or different order types.

Use this setting to define these sequences, or Number Series. The different series should not overlap. If you do not define any Number Series, Disposal Numbers will start at 1 and continue consecutively.

When you enter a Disposal record, the next number in the first Number Series entered to this setting will be used as a default; change to the next number in any other Number Series using 'Paste Special'.

For each number sequence, you have a measure of control over whether Nominal Ledger Transactions are generated automatically when you approve Disposals in that sequence. Using 'Paste Special' from the N/L field brings up a selection list containing two options: "GenTrans" and "Do Not GenTrans". Select the first option if Nominal Ledger Transactions are to be generated and the second if they are not. In effect, this feature is an exclusionary one in that you can only choose to not have Nominal Ledger Transactions created for a particular number sequence. If the overall preference (set in the Sub Systems setting in the Nominal Ledger) is to not have such transactions created, you cannot decide to have them created for a single sequence.

When you double-click 'Number Series - Disposals' in the 'Settings' list, the following window appears:

Enter each new Number Series on the first blank line and, when finished, click the [Save] button in the Button Bar to save the changes. To close the window without saving changes, click the close box.