Quantity Discounts

It is possible to set up a complex quantity discount system in Hansa. To do so, two registers in the Pricing module are used: Quantity Dependent Discounts and Discount Matrices. Quantity Dependent Discounts should be defined first, as they are used by the Discount Matrices.

When entering Quotations, Orders or Invoices, quantity discounts are applied automatically as appropriate, after the Item's price has been determined by reference to any Price Lists that may apply.

In planning such a discount structure, follow these steps:

  • Enter the Items with their Base Prices, using the Item register. Assign each to an Item Group.

  • Quantity Dependent Discounts should be defined, using the register in the Pricing module. This is where the various quantity breaks are defined. Quantity breaks can be based on quantity, weight, volume or Order value. If you offer quantity breaks for different Items, define as many Quantity Dependent Discount records as necessary.

  • The discount levels can now be specified, using the Discount Matrix register in the Pricing module. Each set of discount levels (a 'Discount Matrix') will use the quantity breaks defined in step 2. A single set of discount levels can apply to all Items, or to specified Item Groups.

  • Each Customer or Customer Category can now be assigned a Discount Matrix. When Quotations, Orders or Invoices are entered for each Customer, the specified discount structure will be used automatically.

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