Display Groups

This setting allows you to divide the employees of your company into groups. These groups might represent different types of work or the various departments in your company. Dividing employees into Display Groups will help with resource planning and with classifying Activities in the CRM module. Many reports in the CRM module can list the Activities recorded, scheduled or carried out by the Persons belonging to a particular Display Group. The Employee Time Statistics report can compare the work carried out by the various Display Groups.

Double-clicking 'Display Groups' in the 'Settings' list in the System module opens the 'Display Groups: Inspect' window listing the Display Groups that have already been entered. To add a new record, simply enter its details on the first blank line and click [Save] to save and close. Click the close box to close without saving changes.

Specify a unique identification Code for each Display Group. You can use up to five alphanumeric characters.

Paste Special    Person register, System module
Enter the initials of each Person that belongs to the Display Group, separated by commas.

If you need to use 'Paste Special" to enter several sets of initials, type the comma before opening the 'Paste Special' list. This will cause Hansa to add the next set of initials to those already entered. Otherwise, the previous initials will be overwritten.

A particular Person can belong to more than one Display Group, as shown in the illustration.
The Activities, Period report in the CRM module shows how Display Groups can be used. The report uses a timetable format to display what each member of a particular Display Group is doing for each day of the report period. The information is taken from Calendar Activities. The example report illustrated below shows the Calendar Activities of the members of the "SALES" Display Group for the second week in November. The format of the report means that it is easy to see which members of a particular department are available to carry out a sales task, and when they could carry it out.