Printers - Defining when Printers are to be used

Hansa's documents are user-definable, a process which can include specifying which printer is to be used for a specific document. For example, you may wish to print a document to a specific printer that you know will always contain the correct stationery. The following example will use the Invoice Definition window to illustrate the process, but the procedure can be followed for any of Hansa's user-definable documents.

Having entered all available printers in the Printers setting as described here, move to the Sales Ledger and click the [Documents] button in the Master Control panel or select 'Documents' from the File menu. Highlight 'Invoices' in the 'Documents' list window and select 'Define Document' from the Operations menu.

The following window opens:

In this example, which refers to the Printer setting illustrated on this page, Swedish language Customers will have their Invoices printed using a Swedish language invoice Form "FAKTURA". The printout is sent to the printer attached to the LPT1 port of the Windows computer with IP address English language Customers will have their Invoices printed on the printer attached to the Macintosh with IP address, and they will use the English language Form "INVOICE". The 'Paste Special' function can be used from the Printer field to obtain a list of printers.

The "FAKTURA" and "INVOICE" Forms are designed using the Form register described here.

If the Printer field is blank in any row in the 'Define Document' window, the first record in the Printers setting will be used.