Sub-Ledger Control Accounts

In this setting you specify the Accounts that are to be part of the sub-ledger Control Accounts feature. This is activated for the Sales and Purchase Ledgers using the Sub-ledger Checking check boxes on card 1 of the Account Usage S/L and Account Usage P/L settings respectively.

The feature prevents the user posting to the specified Control Accounts manually from the Transaction register in the Nominal Ledger. Instead, it will only be possible to post to these Accounts (such as, on the Sales Ledger side, Debtor Accounts) from the sub-ledger (i.e. from Invoices or Receipts in the Sales Ledger). If you try to post to a controlled Account directly from the Nominal Ledger (using the Transaction register) you will get an alert message.

If this feature is in use, you will still be able to enter Receipts and Payments by journal in the Nominal Ledger. However, it will prevent you from using the Debtor and Creditor Accounts accidentally and incorrectly in other Nominal Ledger Transactions, thus rendering them inaccurate. For details of this process, please refer to the description of flip E of the Transaction screen on this page.

The Debtor and Creditor Control Accounts specified on card 1 of the Account Usage S/L and P/L settings are automatically protected when this feature is activated. All other Accounts that you want to be part of the sub-ledger control feature (i.e. the Accounts which are not to be used in the Transaction register) must be entered in this setting. To do this, double-click 'Sub-ledger Control Accounts' in the 'Settings' list. The 'Sub-ledger Control Accounts: Inspect' window is shown.

For each row, use the Code field to enter an Account Category. Two Account Categories are valid: 1 for accounts receivable (debtors), and 2 for accounts payable (creditors). In the Account field, enter the Account Number of the Control Account of which use in the Nominal Ledger is to be prohibited. Use 'Paste Special' if necessary. The text in the Type field is entered by the program, depending on the Account Category chosen.

Click [Save] to save the changes and close, or the close box to close without saving changes.

An attempt to enter or change a Transaction posting to a protected Account will give the following error message:

If you are using the Sub-ledger Checking feature and need to specify separate Debtor Accounts for each Customer Category, those Accounts must first be listed in this setting. Similarly, all Accounts that are entered as Creditor Accounts in Suppliers and Supplier Categories must also be listed here.