Weighted Average

This setting keeps a record of the average purchase price per unit of each Item.

Double-click 'Weighted Average' in the 'Settings' list in the Stock module to open the 'Weighted Average: Browse' window. This lists the existing Weighted Average records. Double-click a record in the list to edit it, or add a new record by clicking the [New] button in the Button Bar. Usually, you will not need to create records yourself because they are created automatically when Goods Receipts are approved and saved, providing the Goods Receipts have a Location. If a Weighted Average record already exists for a particular Item/Location combination, its average purchase price will be recalculated, taking the new Goods Receipt into account. Goods Receipts with no Location will not affect any of the records in this setting.

Since a separate record is kept for each Item/Location combination, the average cost price shown may be different to that shown on the 'Costs' card of the Item screen, which takes all Location