Inspecting and Changing Purchase Orders

You can change a Purchase Order at any time, as long as it has not been approved (i.e. as long as the OK check box has not been switched on). To do so, ensure you are in the Purchase Orders module and click the [Purchase Orders] button in the Master Control panel. The 'Purchase Orders: Browse' window is opened, listing all Purchase Orders. Double-click on the Purchase Order you want to inspect or change. The window 'Purchase Order: Inspect' will appear. This is identical to the 'Purchase Order: New' window described here.

If you have created Goods Receipts or Purchase Invoice from the Purchase Order, some changes may not be permitted. For example, you cannot change a Quantity to a number lower than has already been received into stock. You can add new rows can be added at any time, but you cannot insert or remove rows after you have created at least one Goods Receipt from the Purchase Order, even if no Goods Receipt has been made from the row in question.