Legal Record Numbers

In some countries, it is a legal requirement that every Invoice is given an Official Invoice Number. It may be that companies will be assigned number sequences to be used for this purpose (perhaps supplied pre-printed on Invoice stationery), or it may be that companies can generate the number sequences themselves using official formatting and other rules. In some countries, (e.g. Portugal), Official Numbers are needed not just for Invoices but for many other records as well, such as Deliveries, Stock Movements and Receipts.

If you only need to use a single official number sequence and you only need it to be used in Invoices, enter that number sequence in the Official Invoice Serial Number setting. If you have several such number sequences and/or you need to use Official Numbers in registers other than Invoices, you should specify them here in the Legal Record Numbers setting (and leave the Official Invoice Serial Number setting empty).

Depending on how you have configured this setting, the first unused number from the first valid sequence will be placed automatically in the Official No. field in each new Invoice (or other record) when you save it for the first time or when you save it after marking it as OK. Again depending on the configuration (and also depending on the VAT Law in the Company Info setting), you may be able to use 'Paste Special' to choose from a different sequence. The 'Paste Special' list will only contain number sequences that will provide a valid Official No. to the record you are entering (e.g. sequences not applicable on the date of the record and sequences that cannot be used with the Customer's Classification will not be listed).

When you receive payment for an Invoice, you will be able to find the Invoice in the 'Paste Open Invoices' window by searching for the Invoice Number or the Official Serial Number.

If you need to report on your Legal Record Number sequences (i.e. to see a list of the sequences you have set up, together with an indication of how many Official Numbers you have used in each sequence), use the Legal Invoice Forms Usage report in the Sales Ledger.

To work with the Legal Record Numbers setting, ensure you are in the Sales Ledger and then click the [Settings] button in the Navigation Centre. Double-click 'Legal Record Numbers' in the 'Settings' list. Fill in the fields as described below. Then, to save changes and close the window, click the [Save] button. To close the window without saving changes, click the close box.

The Legal Record Numbers setting is spread over four flips. To view specific flips, click one of the four flip tabs (marked A-D) on the right of the matrix:

The configuration of the Legal Record Numbers setting will depend on your country of operation. Please refer now to the pages linked below, where the use of the Legal Record Numbers setting in various countries is described:
These pages provide some guidance about where to enter information in order for Official Numbers to be generated correctly. Please refer to your local HansaWorld representative for more details, and for details about using the setting in countries that are not listed.


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