File Menu - Send Fax

The 'Send Fax' function on the File menu allows you to send faxes via PamFax.

To configure this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Create a PamFax account.

  2. Open the Fax Settings setting in the Technics module and enter the following information:
    Enter your PamFax user name.

    Enter your PamFax password.

    PamFax server
    Choose an option as follows:
    Choose this option if you have a fax server set up on your computer.

    Choose this option when you are ready to send faxes.

    This option allows you to send test faxes using the PamFax sandbox feature.
  3. Ensure you have specified fax numbers in your Contact records. When you send a fax, the fax number will be taken from the relevant Contact record. If you try to send a fax to a Contact that does not have a fax number, a dialogue box will open, allowing you to insert one.

  4. Open a printable record (i.e. a record with Print and Preview icons, with a form defined, e.g. an Invoice). To send it by fax, select 'Send Fax' from the File menu.

    The fax will be sent to the relevant fax number via PamFax. You will be able to see the progress of the fax in the PamFax environment.


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