Companies and Databases

The key components of a Standard ERP system are the application and the database. The application, or program, has the following symbol in the directory window (Windows) or in the Finder (Mac OS X):

The database is the file used by Standard ERP to store its data. This file must be called "HANSA.HDB". In many cases, that data will pertain to a single company. However, if an organisation has separate departments or subsidiary companies that keep separate accounts, their data can also be stored in a single database, in separate partitions known as "Companies". If you set up more than one Company in Standard ERP, each will be completely separate: there will be no common information, although you can share individual registers and copy from one Company to another using the export and import functions and by dragging and dropping. Separate account balances will be maintained, and you can back ups of each Company within a database separately or together (backing up together is recommended).

You should only use this feature to differentiate between different departments if you intend to account for each of them separately. If you keep a single set of accounts covering your whole organisation, you only need have a single Company in your database.


The database file must have the name "HANSA.HDB" and be present in the same folder or directory as the Standard ERP application. If you move the database file or rename it, a new database will be created the next time you use the program.


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