VAT Listing

This report lists the transactions used in calculating the VAT Return (produced using the VAT Report). For each transaction, the total including and excluding VAT, the VAT total, the overall VAT percentage and the Currency are shown.

This report is compiled from the Sub System records (e.g. Invoices, Purchase Invoices) that are liable for VAT. The VAT Report is compiled from the Nominal Ledger postings to the VAT Accounts. If there is a difference between the two reports, one possible reason is that the connection between a Sub System record and its related Nominal Ledger Transaction is not correct. Perhaps the Nominal Ledger Transaction does not exist at all, or perhaps it has been subject to a Correction Mark or Update Mark. It might be that the VAT Code in a Transaction row posting to a Sales or Purchase/Cost Account is incorrect or missing, in which case that row will not be included in the figure calculated by the VATRESULT or VATBALANCE commands in the VAT Report.

Paste Special    Reporting Periods setting, System module
Enter the period to be covered in the report. The first period in the Reporting Periods setting is the default value.

Range Reporting    Numeric
If you want to list transactions whose serial numbers fall within a particular range, enter that range here.

Only Registered From
If you want to list transactions entered after a certain date, enter that date here. In the case of Sub System records, this means the date they were approved (i.e. the date the resulting Nominal Ledger Transaction was created).

You can choose to have Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices, Expenses, Receipts, Payments, inward and outgoing cash transactions and/or Nominal Ledger Transactions listed in the report. At least one section must be chosen or the report will be blank. For each section, the list of transactions will be followed by a list of VAT Codes used by those transactions, together with totals. If you don't need the transactions to be listed and just want a single line summary of each section, use the Show Totals Only option.

The Invoices option depends on whether you are using the Post Receipt VAT option in the Account Usage S/L setting in the Sales Ledger. If you are not using this option, the report will list the Invoices issued during the report period, together with Invoice Dates. If you are using this option (i.e. your VAT calculation is based on Receipts rather than Invoices), the report will list the Invoices paid during the report period, together with the dates they were paid. The Purchase Invoices option will similarly depend on the Post Payment VAT option in the Account Usage P/L setting in the Purchase Ledger.

The Receipts option will only list Prepayments and On Account Receipts (i.e. Receipts that do not have Invoice Numbers). Similarly, the Payments option will only list Prepayments and On Account Payments.

The report can show all Transactions or just those with or without VAT.

Use these options to determine the level of detail to be included in the report.
This option lists each transaction, showing for each one the date, number, amount excluding VAT, VAT amount, total amount, effective VAT rate and Currency. This is followed by summary totals for each VAT Code.

This is similar to the Overview, with the addition of VAT Code analysis for each transaction.