Item Numbers of Items with Varieties

When you use an Item that has Varieties in a transaction of any kind, you should use a combined Item/Variety Number. This consists of the Item Number itself, from the Item register, and a suffix that indicates the Variety. This suffix is divided into sections, one for each Variety Group.

You can separate the various constituent parts of a combined Item/Variety Number using full stops, or you can specify the length (number of characters) of each part. The full stop method can be easier to manage if you will be typing combined Item/Variety Numbers in to your transactions, as you will not need to remember how many characters are required in each part of the Number. This method also produces Item/Variety Numbers that are easier to read. However, the length method might be preferable if you are using certain types of bar code reader.

If you want to use full stops, you should enter a full stop in the Length field in the Variety Masks setting and in the Code Length field in each Item Variety Group record.

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