Cost Accounting Transactions from Goods Receipts

Providing you have followed the steps on this page (in particular, steps 1 and 6), a Nominal Ledger Transaction will be created each time you mark a Goods Receipt as OK and save. This Transaction will update the Nominal Ledger stock valuation with the value of the Goods Receipt. The values posted will be taken directly from the Goods Receipt record (i.e. the values will not be calculated using a Cost Model).

The Purchase Accruals Account credited by such Transactions will be taken from the Purch A/C field on flip E of each Goods Receipt row. The Purch A/C will have been chosen as follows:

  1. If you created the Goods Receipt from a Purchase Order and if you are using the Transfer Account to Goods Receipt option in the Purchase Order Settings setting, this Account will have been copied from the Purch A/C field on flip B of the relevant Purchase Order row. The Purch. A/C in a Purchase Order row will itself have been chosen as described in steps 2-4 below.

    If you created the Goods Receipt using the