Special Days

This page describes the Special Days setting in the System module.


The Special Days setting allows you to list your national public holidays. This setting will be used as a look-up table by the Bank Holidays, Bank Holidays for Sales Forecast and Customers' Bank Holidays settings.

To work with this setting, first ensure you are in the System module. Then, if you are using Windows or Mac OS X, click the [Settings] button in the Navigation Centre and then double-click 'Special Days' in the 'Settings' list. If you are using iOS or Android, select 'Settings' from the Tools menu (with 'wrench' icon) and tap 'Special Days' in the 'Settings' list. The 'Special Days: Browse' window will open. This contains a list of the records already entered to this setting.

Double-click (Windows/Mac OS X) or tap (iOS/Android) on a line to open the edit window, or add a new record by selecting 'New' from the Create menu (Windows/Mac OS X) or the + menu (iOS/Android). When the record is complete, click the [Save] button (Windows/Mac OS X) or tap √ (iOS/Android) to save it, or use the close box (Windows/Mac OS X) or < (iOS/Android) to close it without saving changes.

Enter a unique code for the Special Day.

Enter the name of the Special Day.
Use the table in the lower part of the window if you need to enter various translations of the Comment. Specify a Language in the first column using 'Paste Special' if necessary, and the appropriate translation in the second column. There is no need to enter a row for your home Language.


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