Variety Sets

The Variety Sets setting will be useful if you have many Items that use the same set of Variety Groups (i.e. the same Variety Mask). For example, you might sell many different styles of trousers (e.g. jeans, slacks, chinos, suit trousers). Each style of trouser will have its own Item record. All styles of trousers will have the same three Variety Groups (Waist Size, Fit and Leg Length). If you enter a record in the Variety Sets setting in which you list the three Variety Groups, you won't need to remember them each time a new style of trouser becomes available and you need to enter a new Item record. Instead, you can choose the relevant Variety Set using 'Paste Special' from the Variety Mask field in the Item record. This will ensure all three Variety Groups will be attached to the new style of trouser in the correct order. Similarly, when creating a new