Variety Subsets

This page describes the Variety Subsets setting in the Stock module.

A Variety Subset is a list of the Varieties that can be used with a particular Item. For example, an Item might have "COL,SIZ,STY" (Colour, Size, Style) as its Mask. Using a Subset would allow you to specify that the Item is only available in certain colours such as black and white, and will help prevent you using other colours with the Item by mistake. In this example, a suitable Subset might be "BLA,WHI;*;*", signifying that the Item is available in black or white, in all sizes and in any style.

As Subsets can be fairly complex strings, you may prefer to enter them in the Variety Subsets setting if it is likely you will use them with more than one Item or more than one Variety Mask. When you enter a new Item, you can choose the relevant Variety Subset using 'Paste Special' from the Variety