Operations Menu - Create Activity

You can use this function to create records in the Activity register in the System module. This can be useful if you need, for example, to schedule a call with the Customer regarding the Order. The Activity Type given to Activities created by this function will be taken from the Order Class or from the Activity Types, Subsystems setting in the CRM module. The Task Type of the new Activities will be To Do, the Symbol will be Other and the Start Date will be the Order Date.

In contrast to the other functions on the Operations menu of the 'Orders: Browse' window, you can apply this one to several Orders at once. To do this, highlight the Orders to which it is to be applied by clicking while holding down the Shift key. Then, select the function from the Operations menu. Separate Activities will be created in the Activity register for each Order highlighted. These are saved in the Activity register, but are not opened for checking or amendment.

When you select the function from the 'Sales Order: New' and 'Sales Order: Inspect' windows, the following screen appears, where you can create a new Activity:

A new record is opened in a window entitled 'Activity: Inspect'. This means that it has already been saved and is being opened for checking. The Person of the Activity will be the Salesman from the Order, and the initials of the current user will appear in the Cc field. The Comment on the 'Del. Terms' card of the Order will be copied to the Text field in the Activity. After amendment if necessary, save the record in the Activity register by clicking the [Save] button in the Button Bar and close it using the close box. Alternatively, if you no longer require the Activity, remove it using the 'Delete' function on the Record menu. In either case, you will be returned to the Sales Order window.

The Order and the Activity will remain connected to each other through the Attachments facility. This allows you to open the Order quickly and easily when reviewing the Activity, or to open the Activity from the Order. When viewing the Activity or Order, click the button with the paper clip image to open a list of attachments. Then double-click an item in this list to open it.

You can also have Activities created automatically from Orders when they are saved for the first time. Please refer to the description of the Order Classes setting for details.

The 'Activity: Inspect' window is fully described here.