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If you will use Standard ERP to control the processing of credit and debit card payments for POS Invoices, the first configuration step will be to specify your credit card processing partner in the Merchant ID setting in the Point of Sales module. The partner is the payment gateway or payment service provider that you will use to process each payment. Depending on the partner, you may only need to enter one record in this setting, but if your partner is you may need two, for "card holder present" and "card holder not present". You must have a "card holder not present" Merchant ID record if you want to process credit card payments from a web shop.

Please refer here for more details about using Standard ERP to control the processing of credit and debit card payments for POS Invoices. Precise configuration details will vary depending on your partner. This documentation contains a general guide: for more detailed information, please refer to your local HansaWorld representative.

To work with the Merchant ID setting, first ensure you are in the Point of Sales module using the [Switch Module] button in the Navigation Centre. Then, if you are using Windows or Mac OS X, click the [Settings] button, also in the Navigation Centre or use the Ctrl-S/⌘-S keyboard shortcuts and then double-click 'Merchant ID' in the 'Settings' list. If you are using iOS or Android, select 'Settings' from the Tools menu (with 'wrench' icon) and tap 'Merchant ID' in the 'Settings' list. The 'Merchant ID: Browse' window opens: open a new record by selecting 'New' from the Create menu (Windows/Mac OS X) or + menu (iOS/Android). When the record is complete, click the [Save] button (Windows/Mac OS X) or tap √ (iOS/Android) to save.

Enter a unique identifying code for the Merchant ID record.

Enter a comment to help identify the Merchant ID record in the 'Merchant ID: Browse' window.

Paste Special    Choices of possible entries
Choose a Partner using 'Paste Special'.

Use the Test option to test communication with the partner, and change to Live when you are ready to start processing credit card payments.

It is recommended that you only use the Test option in a test database. If you use the Test option in your live database, you will either need to create test transactions or test using live transactions. Both will render your Sales and Nominal Ledgers inaccurate.

Similarly, you should only use the Live option in your live database. If you use the Live option in a test database, you will process credit card payments without recording them in your Sales and Nominal Ledgers.

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