Creating Invoices

You can raise Invoices for Contracts using the 'Invoice' function on the Create menu (Windows/Mac OS X) or + menu (iOS/Android), or using the 'Create Contract Invoices' Maintenance function.

The Create menu function will create an appropriate number of Invoices for the entire duration of a Contract at one stroke. For example, if the Contract duration is one year and the Invoice period is monthly, twelve Invoices will be created. This function can only create Invoices for one Contract at a time.

The Maintenance function allows you to create Invoices for each Invoice period (e.g. each month) individually as the Contract duration progresses. Invoices will be created for all Invoice periods that started in the time since you last ran the function. For example, if you run the function monthly, Invoices will be raised for all Invoice periods that began in the month since you last used the function. It can create Invoices for every Contract or for a selection of Contracts.


The Contract register in Standard ERP:

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