Inspecting Customer Letters and Marking them as OK

Before printing or emailing letters from a Customer Letter record, it is worth checking that the letter text contains no errors and that everyone that should receive a letter will do so, especially if the Customer Letter record represents a large mailshot. To do this, use the 'Letter List' function on the Operations menu. This produces a report showing the full letter text and a list of recipients. Note that the Letter List report assumes that the letters will be printed and therefore excludes Contacts in which the No Mass Letters box has been ticked. If you will be emailing the letters, the No Mass Emailing box will prevent a Contact from receiving the letter so the list of recipients in the Letter List may not be accurate.

When everything is satisfactory, approve the Customer Letter record by ticking the OK box in the header and saving. Once this has been done, you will no longer be able to change any details in the record. If you subsequently find that you need to make a change, remove the tick from the OK box to allow the change to be made.

If you will be printing letters, you should tick the OK box and save before doing so. Any letters that you print before doing this will be marked with a "Test Printout" watermark (providing you are not using the No Test Printout option in the Optional Features setting in the System module). If you will be emailing letters, there is no need to tick the OK box, although you may still wish to do so to help preserve the list of recipients and the text.


The Customer Letter register in Standard ERP:

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