Employee Calendar

This page describes the Employee Calendar report in the CRM module.


The Employee Calendar report is a list of Calendar Activities sorted by Person. It is similar to the Personal Calendar report but allows you to report on a range of employees or on every employee. Invalidated Activities will not be included in the report.

When printed to screen, the Employee Calendar has the Standard ERP Drill-down feature. Click (Windows/Mac OS X) or tap (iOS/Android) on an Activity Text to open the Activity record, or on a Customer or Supplier Name to open the Contact record for the Customer or Supplier.

Paste Special    Reporting Periods setting, System module
Enter a reporting period: Calendar Activities whose Start Dates fall in this period will be shown in the report. To produce a report for a particular day, simply enter the date once and it will be converted to the period format automatically.

Paste Special    Person register, System module and Global User register, Technics module
Enter a Person's Signature to list the Activities recorded, scheduled or carried out by a particular Person. If you list the Activities of another Person, their Private Activities will not be included.

If you have more than one Company in your database, the Person that you specify here must have a Person record in the Company in which you are working, otherwise their Activities won't be included in the report. If you leave this field empty or enter a range of employees, the report will only include Persons in the range that have Person records in the Company in which you are working. This is because the report will be constructed by looping through the records in the Person register in the current Company, and listing each Person's Activities in the same Company.

Display Group
Paste Special    Display Groups setting, System module
If you enter a Display Group here, the report will list the Activities recorded, scheduled or carried out by each Person belonging to that Display Group.
The report will contain separate sections for each Person. Within those sections, Calendar Activities will be listed in Start Date and Start Time order, with the Start Date, Start and End Dates, Text (from the Activity header), Customer or Supplier Name and Cost (Time) being shown for each Activity. The Cost (Time) will only be shown for Activities whose Calendar Type is Time:


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