Using Currencies in Purchase Invoices

This page describes Currencies and Exchange Rates in Purchase Invoices.


When you create a new Purchase Invoice and specify a Supplier, the Currency and all conversion rate fields will immediately be filled in automatically. The Currency will be visible in the footer of the Purchase Invoice, and will be chosen as follows:

  1. The Purch. Currency on the 'Pricing' card of the Contact record for the Supplier will be used. In this case you will not be able to choose another Currency in the Purchase Invoice.

  2. If you have not specified a Purch. Currency for the Supplier, the Default Base Currency will be used, taken from the Base Currency setting in the System module. Usually this will be your home Currency. In this case, you can substitute any other Currency if necessary.
The conversion rates will be shown on the 'Currency' card. Use them as described for transactions in general here (simple conversion system) or here (Dual-Base system).

When entering figures in the Purchase Invoices (e.g. the TOTAL and the Amounts in the rows), enter them in the Purchase Invoice Currency (i.e. as they appear on the Invoice sent from the Supplier). The Nominal Ledger Transaction that results from the Purchase Invoice will contain figures both in Currency and in your home Currency, converted using the conversion rates specified in the Invoice.


Using Currencies in transactions of various kinds:

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