"Admin Client" Mode

This page describes "Admin Client" mode. It is necessary to be in "Admin Client" mode when you need to add Companies to a Standard ERP database on a server.


In multi-user systems, almost all work done on a client machine will be saved in the database on the server, and will therefore be available to the other clients immediately. For example, a change that you make to the Form Template register from a client machine will be saved in the database on the server and so will immediately affect printing from all other clients.

In a very small number of cases, the work will be saved in the database on the client machine and will therefore only affect the operation of that client. These special cases are the Gateway Settings settings in the Email and Conferences module, and the Page Setup setting and Company register in the System module.

If you need to change these settings and registers in the server database, you must either work on the server itself or you must log on from a client as a user with access to the Technics module, and then change to "Admin Client" mode. You must use the second method if your server does not have a graphical interface, or if it is otherwise inconvenient to work on the server (e.g. it is in the cloud). To do this, go to the Technics module using the [Switch Module] button in the Navigation Centre (or the Ctrl-0 (Windows) or ⌘-0 (macOS) keyboard shortcuts) and open the Program Mode register. Choose 'Admin Client' from the Operations menu (Windows/macOS) or Tools menu (iOS/Android).

The phrase "Admin Client" will be added as a suffix to the window title of the Navigation Centre. Make the changes as needed, then leave "Admin Client" mode by returning to the Program Mode register and choosing 'Normal Client' from the Operations or Tools menu.


Ensure you leave "Admin Client" mode as soon as possible.

You can control who can change to "Admin Client" mode using Access Groups (by denying access to the 'Admin Client' Action). You can of course also use Access Groups to control access to the Technics module and to the Program Mode register.


The Company register in Standard ERP:


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