The Configuration setting contains details of the features in Standard ERP that you are subscribing to, including modules and numbers of Companies and users. The setting will be filled automatically when you register your Standard ERP database with HansaWorld, with these details being taken from your contract with HansaWorld. Before registering, make sure you have recorded your company name, company type, company registration number and VAT registration number in the Company Info setting.

After registering, you should not change anything in the Configuration setting. If you do, Standard ERP will go into restricted mode (printing and Cloud Services will be disabled). You can regain full use of the program by applying for a new Enabler Key in the Internet Enablers setting. Alternatively, wait for your copy of Standard ERP to connect to the HansaWorld server automatically to obtain a new Enabler Key: this will occur monthly, and the Configuration setting will be reset as part of the process.

Please refer to the Enabler Key page for more details about registration and obtaining Enabler Keys.


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