Obtaining and Configuring an SSL/TLS Certificate

This page describes how to obtain and configure an SSL/TLS certificate to allow webshop, REST API and web clients to communicate with a Standard ERP server using HTTPS.
  1. Create CSR and Key Follow the instructions provided by GoDaddy to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and private key. While the instructions describe obtaining a CSR for an Apache web server, they can be used for HansaWorld products as well. Do not share the private key with anyone.

  2. Request Certificates Send the CSR file to a certificate authority who will issue the certificates. Example certificate authorities are Comodo, Digicert, GlobalSign, GoDaddy and Let's Encrypt.

  3. Receive Certificates After you have been validated by the certificate authority, you will be sent two certificates in the form of .crt files.

  4. Create a Single Certificate File Merge the two certificates into a single text file. To do this, create a new file in a text editor and copy the contents of the two .crt files into the new file (two lines separated by a carriage return). The order of the two lines and the name of the file are not important.

  5. Move Files to Standard ERP Server Copy the private key file (generated in step 1) and the merged certificate file (from step 4) to the folder containing your Standard ERP server application.

  6. Configuration for Webshop and REST API In a Standard ERP client, go to the Technics module, open the Program Mode register and go to the ‘Web’ tab. Tick the Use HTTPS box, specify the location of the certificate and the private key and, optionally, enter the password for the private key. You can specify relative or absolute file paths for the certificate and private key: relative paths are recommended in case you need to move your Standard ERP server folder. While you are in the Program Mode register, you can also specify the port to be used for https communications, or you can do this in MyStandard (under 'Change Server Data').

  7. Configuration for Web Clients If you need web clients to connect using HTTPS, remain in the Technics module and open the Web Client Settings setting. Choose the Use HTTPS option and specify the location of the certificate and the private key. Optionally, enter the password for the private key. Again, you can specify relative or absolute file paths.

  8. Restart Server Restart the Standard ERP server application.

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