Field and Variable Types

Fields and variables in the Report Generator:

Every field has a Type that signifies the nature of the information that it contains. For example, the Type of the Customer Name field is string, allowing it to contain both alpha and numeric characters. The TOTAL field in an Invoice is a decimal field, so it can only contain numbers with decimals.

Every variable has a Type as well. When you create a variable, it will often be given a Type automatically. But in one case (when you create a variable using the [Variable] button), you will need to give it a Type yourself. For example, in a list of Invoices you might create a variable to calculate and display the total outstanding value of all the Invoices in the report. This must be a decimal variable, because it will contain numbers with decimals and because it will take its information from the TOTAL field in each Invoice, which is a decimal field. A variable counting the number of Invoices in the list will be an integer variable, because it will only ever contain whole numbers. In a Customer List report, a variable in the specification window that allows the user to search for Customers belonging to a particular Customer Category must be a string variable because the Customer Category field in the Contact record is a string field. The variable containing a search criterion must have the same Type as the field being searched.

The various Types are:

Can only have two values, 1 and 0 (zero). Boolean fields and variables are usually shown as check boxes on screen


Numbers with decimals

Whole numbers

Whole numbers greater than 32,000

Any combination of alpha and numeric characters


Fields and Variables in the Report Generator:

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