Info in Project Info Report

This page introduces the Info in Project Info Report setting in the Job Costing module.


While working with Projects you will be able to use the 'Project Info' function to obtain more information about a Project. The 'Project Info' function is on the Operations menu (Windows/macOS) or Tools menu (iOS/Android) in the Project browse and record windows, and selecting it will cause a Project Info report to be printed to screen.

The most basic version of the Project Info report will contain a single section that displays a Project Status report, produced using the Overview and Invd. and Invb./Budget options. If you create a record for yourself in the Info in Project Info Report setting, you will be able to specify that the Project Status report in this section will be produced using different options, and you will also be able to add more sections to the Project Info report. The additional sections that are available will be able to display the Project Invoicing report, Down Payment information, Retention information, and the Quotations, Invoices and Activities that are connected to a Project.

As you can save a separate record in the Info in Project Info Report setting for each Person, you can control how much of this additional information will be shown to different users. You can effectively give each user a different report definition, allowing each user to customise the report to their particular requirements.

The Info in Project Info Report setting is in the Job Costing module. To work with this setting, use the [Switch Module] button in the Navigation Centre to enter the Job Costing module and then click or tap the [Settings] button, also in the Navigation Centre. Double-click or tap 'Info in Project Info Report' in the resulting list. To create a new record, either select 'New' from the Create menu (Windows/macOS) or + menu (iOS/Android), or highlight a record in the list that is similar to the one that you are about to create and select 'Duplicate' from the same menu.

The following window opens:

When the record is complete, click the [Save] button (Windows/macOS) or tap √ (iOS/Android) to save changes and close it using the close box or by tapping <.

The Info in Project Info Report setting is spread over three cards. To view specific cards, click (Windows/macOS) or tap (iOS/Android) one of the numbered tabs:

Please refer to the following pages for details about each card:

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