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This page describes the header of the Project Settings setting. Please follow the links below for descriptions of the other parts of the setting:

Project Description
If you select the Project Code option on the 'Invoicing' card of a Project, the Project Code will be included in its own row in each Project Invoice. If you need some text to be included in this row before the Project Code, enter that text here. There is no need to add a trailing space.

For example, if the Project Description is "Services Rendered for Project" and the Project Number is 15, the Project Code option will cause the text "Services Rendered for Project 15" to be included in its own row in all Project Invoices created from Project 15. The dedicated row will be the first row in each Invoice.

The Project Code option on the 'Invoicing' card of each Project will be selected by default if you have selected the Project Code option on the ('On Invoice' card of this setting.

Item Down Payment
Paste Special    Item register
Specify here a Plain or Service Item, the purpose of which is to control the accounting of Project Down Payment Invoices. In this Item record, you should specify the Sales Account that is by default to be credited with Down Payment values. Specify separate Sales Accounts for each Zone if necessary. You should also specify a VAT Code to be used for Down Payments: again, you can specify separate VAT Codes for each Zone.

If you specify an Item here in which the Sales Accounts and VAT Codes are blank, the Sales Account and VAT Code will be taken from the Item Group to which the Item belongs. Otherwise (e.g. if you specify an Item here that does not belong to an Item Group or you do not specify a Down Payment Item in this field), the Sales Account and VAT Code will be taken from the Account Usage S/L setting in the Sales Ledger.

The Description of the Item that you specify here will be the default text in each row in a Down Payment Invoice.

Please refer to the description of the 'Down Payments' card of the Project record here for more details about Project Down Payment Invoices.

Default Service Unit
Paste Special    Units setting, Sales Ledger
If all your Service Items are sold using the same Unit (e.g. Hours or Minutes), you can specify that Unit here to save the work of entering it into each Service Item individually. The Unit specified here will be used for all Service Items in all transactions (e.g. Orders and Invoices), and it will override any Unit specified for an individual Service Item.

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