Project Settings - Purchases Card

This page describes the 'Purchases' card in the Project Settings setting. Please follow the links below for descriptions of the other parts of the setting:

Purchase Description
If you are using the One Row Total option for Invoice Purchases (below), all invoiceable purchases will be summarised together in a single Invoice row. Specify here the text that is to appear in this Invoice row.

Invoice Purchases
These options work in a similar manner to the Invoice Times options on the 'Service' card, but refer to purchases. Again, here you should choose the option that you want to be selected by default in new Projects, but you will be able to choose a different option in an individual Project using the Invoice Purchases options on the 'Time & Purchases' card. Please refer to the description of the 'Service' card for details about each option.

Budget Purchase
Use these options to choose which of the Invoice Purchases options will be selected by default when creating new records in the Project Budget and Quotation registers. The Invoice Purchases options will determine whether purchases will be invoiced on an "Actual" basis or an "As Budgeted" basis. Please refer to the page describing the 'Invoicing' card of the Project Budget window for details about the two options.

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