Item/Job Group Prices, Job Group/Item Prices

This page introduces the Item/Job Group Prices and the Job Group/Item Prices settings in the Job Costing module.


The Item/Job Group Prices and Job Group/Item Prices settings allow you to charge separate rates for each department or type of work that you record using Time Sheets and Activities. For example, if you have a single record in your Item register for labour, you can use one of these settings to charge different labour rates depending on the department carrying out the work.

The prices that you enter in these two settings will be applied to Service and Plain Items as you add them to Project Budgets and will be used in Project Transactions created from Time Sheets and Activities. Prices entered in either setting will take priority over those in the Item or Person registers and will be subject to any percentage discount that you may have entered in the Customer Discount setting. Any absolute prices in the Customer Discount setting will override the prices in these settings. In the unlikely event that you have records in both of these settings, Job Group/Item Prices will take priority over Item/Job Group Prices. Please refer here for more details about how the Job Group/Item Prices and Item/Job Group Prices settings fit in to the pricing structure.

In operation, these two settings are very similar. In essence, they provide different methods of organising the same information. The difference between them is as follows:

Item/Job Group Prices
Use this setting if you would like to define various prices for each Item (i.e. for each type of work). Enter separate records to this setting for each Item without a fixed price that you will use in Time Sheets, Activities and Project Budgets. In each record, list the rates charged for the Item by each Job Group. A Job Group is a group of employees whose work will be charged out at the same rate.

Job Group/Item Prices
Use this setting if you would like to specify the various kinds of work that can be carried out by each Job Group. Enter separate records to this setting for each Job Group, in which you list the rates charged by that Job Group for each Item.

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