Work In Progress Control

This page describes the Work In Progress Control setting in the Job Costing module.


The Work in Progress setting allows you to link certain Purchase Accounts to particular Projects. These links are enforced when entering Purchase Invoices and Expenses related to Projects.

When you open the setting, the 'Work in Progress: Inspect' window will be shown. To link Accounts with a new Project, first enter a Project Code in the first blank line. You can use the 'Paste Special' function if necessary to ensure that you choose the correct Project. In the Accounts field, enter the Account Numbers that can be used with the Project, separated by commas. Again, you can use 'Paste Special' if necessary. If you need to use 'Paste Special' to enter several Accounts, type the comma before opening the 'Paste Special' list. This will cause the selected Account to be added to those already entered. Otherwise, the previous Account will be overwritten. Click [Save] (Windows/macOS) or tap √ (iOS/Android) to save changes. To close the window without saving changes, use the close box or tap <.

In the example illustrated above, when entering Purchase Invoices and Expense records related to Project 15, the only Purchase Accounts that can be used are 2151, 2152 and 2153. Accounts 2161, 2162, 2163 and 2164 can be used in relation to Project 16, and so on. No Account other than those listed can be used with a particular Project. If you use an Account in a Purchase Invoice or Expense row that is connected to a Project and that Account is not listed in this setting, the following error message will appear when you try to save the record:

If you use an Account that is listed in this setting without reference to a Project, the following error message will appear when you try to save the record:


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