Number Series - Service Orders

Each Service Order record has its own unique identifying number, based on a sequential series. When you enter a new record, the next number in the series is used. If you have not entered any Number Series, Service Order Numbers will start at 1 and continue consecutively.

If you wish to use your own sequences, enter them in this setting. You can enter any number of series for different years or for different departments. The different series should not overlap.

When you enter a Service Order, the next number in the first Number Series entered to this setting will be used as a default; change to the next number in any other Number Series using 'Paste Special'.

On double-clicking 'Number Series - Service Orders' in the Settings list, the following window appears:

Enter each required Number Series on the first blank line and, when finished, click the [Save] button in the Button Bar to save the changes. To close the window without saving changes, click the close box.

The N/L field common to all Number Series settings is not used in this instance.