Replaced Items

The Replaced Items setting keeps a record of the occasions both when the repair of an Item proved not to be possible and it was exchanged for a new one and those when it was necessary to send an Item back to its manufacturer for repair or exchange.

When such an Item is signed into your workshops, as soon as it becomes apparent that repair is not possible (or is uneconomic), follow these steps:

  1. It should be sent back to its Supplier, for exchange or credit. Do this using a record in the Service Stock Transaction register with an Out Quantity of one and a Supplier specified on flip D.

    If there is no need in reality to send the Item back to a Supplier (perhaps because it is clearly no longer operational and its warranty has expired), it may be appropriate to create a dummy Supplier record in the Customer register for this purpose. A Supplier must be quoted on flip D if this sequence is to be followed.

  2. When you approve and save this record, the Item is signed out of your service stock and a record is created in the Replaced Items setting, as shown below:

    It is not possible to enter records directly to the Replaced Items setting: they can only be created remotely when records in the Service Stock Tran