Entering a Project

In the Job Costing module, select 'Projects' from the Registers menu, or click the [Projects] button in the Master Control panel.

The 'Projects: Browse' window is opened, showing Projects already entered.

The Status column is blank for Active Projects or shows "√" for Finished Projects and "-" for Projects for which no more Project Transactions can be created. This Status can be set for each Project using the options on the 'Terms' card of the Project screen.

As in all browse windows you may sort the list by clicking on the column headings. To reverse any sort, simply click once again on the column heading. You can also scroll the list with the scroll bars. Finally, you can search for a record by entering a keyword in the field at the bottom left corner. Hansa will search for the first record matching the keyword in the column that has been used to determine the sort order.

To enter a new Project, click [New] in the Button Bar or use the Ctrl-N (Windows and Linux) or ⌘-N (Macintosh) keyboard shortcut. Alternatively, highlight a Project similar to the one you want to enter and click [Duplicate] on the Button Bar.

The 'Project: New' window is opened, empty if you clicked [New] or containing a duplicate of the highlighted Project.

Since the amount of information stored about each Project will not fit on a single screen, the Project window has been divided into six cards. At the top of each is the header. This contains the Project Number, Description, Salesman and Class. There are six named buttons ('tabs') in the header.

By clicking the tabs you can navigate between cards. The header is always visible, as a reminder of the Project you are working with.