Info in Customer Status Report - Card 3

This page describes the fields on card 3 of each record in the Info in Customer Status report setting. Please click the following links for descriptions of the other cards:

Use the options on this card to specify whether Projects, Project Budgets, Rental Agreements, Rental Reservations, Service Orders and/or Work Sheets will be included in the Customer Status report when it is produced by the user specified in the header.

In each case, activate an option by ticking a check box on the left. Then specify the maximum number of records that are to be listed in the report using the field on the right. No records will be listed if you select an option but do not specify a maximum number.

Show Relations with other Contacts
This option will list all a Customer's Contact Persons in the Customer Status report. If you print the report to screen, you will be able to open individual Contact Person records using the Drill-down feature.

Settings related to Contacts:

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