Test Corresponding Rules

If you are using the Check Corresponding A/C Rules option in the Transaction Settings setting, the Accounts used on each side (debit/credit) of a Transaction will be subject to certain rules (the "Corresponding Account Rules"). These rules are described in detail on the Transaction Settings setting page: they ensure that it is clear which debit postings are balanced by which credit postings in each Transaction. If you are not using this feature, you can use this report to list the Transactions that would not comply with these rules (i.e. those that would not be permissible if you were using the Check Corresponding A/C Rules option).

Range Reporting    Numeric
If you only want to print a certain range of Transactions, enter the first and the last transaction number, separated by a colon. If you leave the field blank, the whole journal will be printed.

The Transaction Number must include the prefix as shown in the 'Transactions: Browse' window. To print a Transaction that was entered directly to the Nominal Ledger, enter, for example, "2007.3" or, for a range, "2007.3:2007.10". To print a Transaction that was created from a Sub System, enter, for example, "S/INV.070003" or "S/INV.070003:S/INV.070010" for a range.

Paste Special    Reporting Periods setting, System module
Specify the period to be covered by the report.

The report can be sorted by Transaction Number or Date.