Entering an Item Group - Header

This page describes the fields in the Header of the Item Group record. Please follow the links below for descriptions of the other cards:

Enter the code or number identifying the Item Group. You can use any combination of letters and numbers. There is a maximum of five characters.

Enter the name or description of the Item Group.

The Name will be shown in the 'Paste Special' list that you will use when assigning Item Groups to Items and elsewhere, so it should be descriptive enough to make the selection of the correct Item Group easy for all users.

Class. Types
Paste Special    Classification Types setting, Sales Ledger/CRM module
If you enter a Classification Type (or several Classification Types separated by commas) here, you will then have to specify an Item Classification belonging to that Type or Types in every Item that belongs to the Item Group. If you forget to enter a Classification belonging to a required Classification Type, the following message will be shown when you try to save the Item record:

If you have assigned an Item to the Item Group before specifying a Classification Type in the Item Group, you will be asked to enter an appropriate Classification the next time you save the Item record.

Please refer here for more details about Item Classifications.

This field also controls the Assisted Item Classification Entry feature, described here.

The Item Group register in Standard ERP:

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