Cost Price Analysis Revaluation

If the Cost Price of an Item changes, there may be circumstances where you need to change the value of the examples of that Item that you hold in stock. If so, you can use the 'Cost Price Analysis Revaluation' Maintenance function to create a record in the Stock Revaluation register that you can then use to implement the change in value.

The function will search for Stocked Items where the Last Purchase Cost or the Weighted Average is different to the Cost Price. If there are any Items in which this is the case, it will then create a Stock Revaluation record containing those Items.

To use this function, ensure you are in the Stock module and then open the 'Maintenance' list by clicking (Windows/Mac OS X) or tapping (iOS/Android) the [Routines] button in the Navigation Centre and then the [Maintenance] button in the subsequent window. Double-click or tap 'Cost Price Analysis Revaluation' in the resulting 'Maintenance' list.

If you need to see a list of the Items that will be revalued, produce a