Local Machine Payment Modes - The "Pay" Buttons - Payments Using Multiple Payment Methods

This page describes using the Local Machine Payment Modes setting in the Point of Sales and Restaurant modules to allow cashiers to accept payments made using multiple payment methods in the same window. Please refer to the following pages for details about other uses for the Local Machine Payment Modes setting:

If you need cashiers working with POS Invoices and Bar Tabs to be able to receive payment from a Customer using more than one payment method (e.g. cash and credit card) in a single window, follow these steps:

  1. In the POS Buttons setting, add a "Pay" POS Button to the POS Invoice or Bar Tab window.

  2. In the Local Machine Payment Modes setting, list the payment methods that can be used on each till or cash machine. For example, if you have three tills that will accept cash and credit cards, you will need to list these payment methods separately for each till in the setting, as illustrated below (in this example, one till will also accept cheques):

    In each row, specify the Payment Mode (i.e. the payment method), the Local Machine (i.e. the till on which the payment method can be used) and the Label. The Label is the text that will identify each payment method to the cashiers. For each Payment Mode that represents credit card payments, use 'Paste Special' from the CC Type field to choose the credit card type. For the Payment Mode that represents cash payments, enter your home Currency in the Currency field. For the purpose of listing payment methods in the 'Payment' window you don't need to specify a Drawer, but doing so will enable some of the other features offered by the Local Machine Payment Modes setting.

  3. When a cashier clicks or touches the "Pay" button, a 'Payment' window will open. This window will contain a separate field for each payment method that can be used on the till or cash machine (i.e. the payment methods that you have listed for the till in the Local Machine Payment Modes setting):

  4. The cashier should enter the value of the payments made using each payment met