Account Usage Assets

This setting allows you to determine the Accounts that will be used as defaults in your Asset Simulations and Transactions. Take care to ensure that the Accounts specified here exist in the Account register, otherwise there is a risk that Simulations and Transactions will not be created.

Capital Investment A/C
Paste Special    Account register, Nominal Ledger/System module
Specify here the Account to be debited with the Sales Price of an Asset when it is sold (this is done using a Disposal record of Type "Sale").

If you will be creating "Put In Use" Transactions to record the implementation of your Assets in the Nominal Ledger, the Purchase Value of each Asset will be credited to this Account.

If you revalue an Asset and create a Simulation from the Revaluation using the 'Create NL Simulation' Operations menu function, an increase in value will be credited to this Account, while a decrease will be debited to thisAccount.