The Employment Contract Change register

Once you have agreed an Employment Contract with an Employee and both parties have signed it, you should mark the relevant Employment Contract record in Standard ERP as OK and save it. This will ensure that the agreed details cannot be changed.

There will be occasions when some of the provisions in a Contract will change. For example, the Salary or Job Title might change. In this situation, you cannot make the change to the Contract itself. Instead, you need to create a new record in a separate register, the Employment Contract Change register.

You cannot enter an Employment Contract Change directly to the Employment Contract Change register. Instead, you should open the original Employment Contract and choose 'Employment Contract Change' from the Create menu (Windows/Mac OS X) or + menu (iOS/Android).

When you create a new Employment Contract Change record, all details in the Employment Contract Change will be copied from the most recent previous Employment Contract Change or from the Employment Contract if there are no previous Changes (the Comment, Fwd. Bal Days, Fwd. Bal. Date and Reason will not be copied). This effectively means that all the provisions in the Employment Contract Change become the provisions in the Contract.

Except as described below, the fields in the Employment Contract Change window are the same as those in the Employment Contract record. Please refer here for details about these fields.

Change of Contract
The Change of Contract field connects the Employment Contract Change record to the original Contract. This field provides you with a reminder of the Contract you are changing and can't itself be changed.

When you have agreed the Contract Change with the Employee, you can mark it as OK and save it. This will prevent further changes being made to the Contract Change. If you need to make further changes to a Contract, create another Employment Contract Change record.

You can use Access Groups to prevent certain users from marking Employment Contract Changes as OK. To do this, deny them access to the 'OK Employment Contract Changes' Action.

Paste Special    Choices of possible entries
Use 'Paste Special' to specify the Reason why it was necessary to change the Contract.

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