Introduction to the MRP Module in Standard ERP

The Material Resource Planning (MRP) module allows you to plan the production and purchase of Items based on Sales Forecasts and on required stock levels.

Having entered sales forecasts and specifying required stock levels for each Item, Maintenance routines will use that information in creating Production and Purchase Order Plans for each week or month. These contain detailed production and purchasing schedules that include both quantities and timetables. Productions with sub-assemblies are fully supported, while Purchase Order Plans will contain the purchasing requirements both for Items that you will buy to resell and for Items that you will use in the planned Productions.

From a Production Plan, you can create either Productions or Production Orders, and from a Purchase Order Plan you can create Purchase Orders. Production and Purchase Order Plans can therefore directly influence your production and purchasing decisions and will help ensure you have sufficient stock at all times to meet Sales Forecasts.


The MRP module in Standard ERP:

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