Introduction to the Production Plan Register

A Production Plan is a scheduling tool that you can use to plan future Productions based on the predicted future sales in Sales Forecast records.

Usually you will create Production Plans using the 'Create Production Plan' Maintenance function in the MRP module, but you can also enter them directly to the Production Plan register yourself.

The 'Create Production Plan' Maintenance function will create Production Plans as follows:

  1. It will check Sales Forecasts from the specified period for Items that need to be assembled (i.e. for Stocked Items with Recipes). Only Sales Forecasts that have been marked as OK will be checked.

  2. Each Stocked Item with a Recipe in Sales Forecasts will be included in its own row in the resulting Production Plan. The Needed Date for each Item will be the first day in the Sales Forecast period i.e. the first day in a week or month.

  3. The calculation of the required quantity for each Item in a Production Plan will take into account the quantity in the Sales Forecast (i.e. the estimated quantity that will be sold during the Forecast period), the quantity currently in stock (or estimated to be in stock at the beginning of the Forecast period) and the quantity that is required to be in stock at the end of the period (taken from the Stock Policies setting).

  4. Each Production Plan row will contain a date when production work should start, to ensure that all units will be produced by the Needed Date. The calculation of this Start Date requires some or all of the following info