Introduction to the Assets Module

This module allows your Assets to be integrated with your accounts.

The module calculates the depreciation for each Asset depending on its value and on user-defined depreciation rules. There are two different ways to transfer this depreciation into the Nominal Ledger. You can take the values from the reports and enter them manually, or you can use a special function that automatically creates depreciation transactions in the Simulation register.

You can enter Asset records directly to the Asset register or create them remotely from the Purchase Ledger module. When entering Purchase Invoices, a 'Create Asset' function is available on the Operations menu. If the Purchase Invoice you are processing includes an Asset, this represents a convenient way of adding the new Asset to the Asset register. Each Asset can be classified by Department and Asset Category.

The reports from this module are useful in that they can save much time in preparing final accounts. They can also be used to calculate the net effect on your profit or loss of the sale of an Asset.

Note that the Assets module was rewritten in Hansa version 3.8. The old Fixed Asset register was replaced by the Asset register. If you were using Hansa prior to this version, you should convert your Fixed Assets to Assets. Please refer to the 'Exports' page for full details.