In Standard ERP, you can work with several windows on the screen at the same time. The window that is currently in use is known as the 'active window'. That is the uppermost window, where the title bar is not dimmed.

You can move the active window by dragging the title bar, and change its size by dragging the size box in the bottom right-hand corner. Close the window by clicking the close box or by pressing the Esc key on your keyboard. If you are using Mac OS X, clicking the close box of a window while holding down the Alt key will close all windows. In addition, you can save attributes such as size, sort order and position for a particular window using the Window menu. The Window menu is described here.


You can have up to 100 windows open at the same time. It is however a good habit to close a window when it is no longer needed. Too many open windows may become confusing.

Types of window in Standard ERP:

  1. Browse windows

  2. Record windows

  3. Report windows

  4. List windows

  5. Specification windows

  6. File dialogue windows

  7. Business Communicator window
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