Introduction to SmartApps by HansaWorld - Mobile Data Collection Software

HansaWorld SmartApps is a database tool that allows you to create your own applications for use on the Nokia E90. Example applications might include workforce automation, data collection and on-line reporting. Functions and features include automatic synchronisation in both directions between E90s, or between an E90 and a desktop computer, the ability to create and attach photographs (.jpg files) and sound files (.wav files) to records inside SmartApps applications, report generation, and integration with the E90's barcode scanner.

The descriptions of HansaWorld SmartApps on a desktop PC or Mac in these web pages assume familiarity with HansaWorld Enterprise concepts and features such as registers, records, Master Control panel, record windows, browse windows, attachments and the 'Paste Special' feature. If you need more information about these subjects, please refer to the sections of these web pages describing the Work Area.

These web pages are organised as follows:

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