Introduction to Activities, the Calendar and the Task Manager in CRM by HansaWorld

The Calendar and Task Manager are simple and efficient tools for keeping track of contacts with Customers and for planning activities of all kinds. You can use them to record the different tasks and events in the business day, such as customer contacts for sales, service support, consultancy appointments etc. In CRM by HansaWorld, each task and event is saved as a separate record in the Activity register. To keep your Activities separate from those of other users, you cannot open the Activity register itself unless you have access to the System module. Instead, you should use the Calendar, Task Manager and Personal Calendar report to view, review and change your Activities, and to add new ones. You can use the Activity register as a planning and monitoring tool for a sales force, or as a tool to log telephone calls to a customer service centre, and in many other ways. As with all CRM by HansaWorld features, there is a great deal of flexibility, and different users will adapt it to their own requirements.


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