Operations Menu - Customer Status

The 'Customer Status' function provides a short cut to the Customer Status report, otherwise only available in a less detailed form in the Sales Ledger.

In its basic form, this report shows address and turnover information and lists all Contact Persons for the Customer to whom the Contact Person currently on screen belongs. However, if required, more information can be shown in the report, such as lists of recent Activities, Invoices, Contract Quotations, Contracts, Quotations and Orders, and monthly sales figures for the past year. Use the Customer Status Report setting in the CRM module to control how much of this additional information will be shown to different users, each of whom can be given a different report definition. Much of this additional information will not be shown if the report is produced from the 'Reports' function in the Sales Ledger.

The Customer Status report has Hansa's Drill-down feature. Many records such as Contact Persons, Quotations and Invoices can be opened by clicking in the appropriate places in the report. The report also contains a [New Activity] text button that you can click to create an empty new Activity.

The function will have no effect if you try to use it with a Contact belonging to a company that is not marked as a Customer.