Introduction to the Location Register

The Stock Locations Value Pack allows stocks to be kept at several different Locations. Stock quantities and values for Items are maintained both per Location and total.

To open the Location register, change to the Stock module and click the [Locations] button in the Master Control panel. The 'Locations: Browse' window is opened, showing existing Locations.

To enter a new Location, click the [New] button in the Button Bar. Alternatively, if one already exists that is similar to the one you are about to enter, find it in the list, highlight it and click [Duplicate].

The 'Location: New' window is opened, empty if you clicked [New] or containing a duplicate of the highlighted Location.

Enter the Code and other information for each Location.

The Stock Account specified in the final field will be debited whenever stock is received into the Location and credited when stock is delivered (providing that, in the Sub Systems setting in the Nominal Ledger, you have specified that Nominal Ledger Transactions will be created when you approve Goods Receipts and Deliveries). If you do not specify a Stock Account in a Location, the Stock Account for the Item Group to which the individual Item belongs (if you are using the Use Item Groups for Cost Accounts option in the Cost Accounting setting) or the Stock Account from the Account Usage Stock setting will be used.

If you are using Locations, it is recommended that you switch on the FIFO per Location option in the Cost Accounting setting in the Stock module. This will maintain a separate FIFO schedule for each Location, ensuring that Items are removed from each Location in the order in which they arrived. If this option is off, a single overall FIFO schedule is maintained, so Items will be removed from stock in the order in which they arrived, irrespective of the Location in which they are stored. It is recommended that you either switch on the Require Location option or specify a Main Location (both in the Stock Settings setting in the Stock module). This will ensure that you always specify a Location when adding or removing stock.