N/L Accruals - The 'Generate N/L Accrual Transactions' Maintenance Function

Once a month, you can use the 'Generate N/L Accrual Transactions' Maintenance function to create Transactions from any pair of balancing debit and credit postings in Accrual Simulations whose Transaction Date has passed. This will allow the Invoice amounts to be moved gradually from the Accrual Account to the Sales or Purchase Account as appropriate.

To use this function, ensure you are in the Nominal Ledger and click the [Routines] button in the Master Control panel. Then click the [Maintenance] button in the subsequent window. Double-click 'Generate N/L Accrual Transactions' in the list. The following dialogue box appears:

Simulation Period
Paste Special    Reporting Periods setting, System module
Enter a report period: all records in the Simulation register whose Transaction Date (shown in the header) falls within this period will be considered by the function.

Range Reporting    Numeric
Use this field to ensure the function refers to a particular record in the Simulation register (or range of Simulations).

N/L Accruals Until
Paste Special    Choose date
Enter a date: all rows in the selected Simulations whose Transaction Date is earlier than this date will be converted into Transactions, providing their Status (flip B) is "Active". The Transaction Date in the Simulation header will be used if there are any Simulation rows that do not have their own Transaction Date.

If you do not enter a date, Transactions will be created for all rows in the selected Simulations, again providing their Status is "Active".
Click the [Run] button in the Button Bar to run the function. It may take a few moments, depending on the number of Transactions to be created. When it has finished, you will be returned to the 'Maintenance' list window.

An example Transaction is illustrated below. This was created from the Simulation illustrated above.

When the function creates a Transaction from each pair of postings, it will change the Status of these postings (shown on flip B of the Simulation) from "Active" to "Transferred", preventing the creation of another Transaction the next time you use the function. The function will only create Transactions from "Active" rows, not from rows with any other Status.

Note that you should use this function with care as it is more powerful than its name suggests: it will create Transactions from all Simulations in the selection, not just those representing Accruals. Therefore, you can use it as a general function to create Transactions from Simulations. Take care to enter a date in the N/L Accruals Until field in the dialogue box: if you do not, Transactions will be created for every row in every Simulation in the selection. If you would like to see the details of the Transactions before they are created, produce an N/L Accrual Transactions report before using this function.